Pioneering Immune Modulation

Targeting Innate Immune Metabolism and Epigenetics

Focused on Immunology & Infectious Disease


Immuno Research Inc. (IRI) is a discovery and early development company utilizing our unique insights into innate immune cell modulation, metabolism and epigenetics to develop a range of novel therapeutics aimed at addressing high unmet medical needs in infectious disease and immunology.

Therapeutic modulation of the immune system — using the body’s own defenses to more effectively fight disease — has become an important emerging area of pharmaceutical research and development, revolutionizing the treatment of many life-threatening and debilitating diseases. The importance of innate immune cells in orchestrating immune homeostasis is coming increasingly into focus.

Over the past 20 years, IRI has established world-leading expertise in the biology and therapeutic application of a range of novel, proprietary, immune modulators with a unique mechanism of action.